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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trash to Treasure Trap

I was just about to fill this up with more wipes when I was reminded of the snack trap I bought at Babies 'r' Us last year. So....with summer here and way more kids around .....I figured it wouldn't hurt to hand out some positive reinforcement at the end of the day...... which brought me to making this. A Treasure Trap.

The kids love dipping their hand in ...not knowing the surprise they will get.

Hmm....this would make a good crayon catcher in the car too.....or a trash trap..or maybe a toy trap.....oh...a snack trap...... What else?

Possibilities are endless!


Kristy said...

Love it! You should pass this on to Tip Junkie!

Julie M. Jackson said...

Cash's trains and cars! They are everywhere! HA!

nikjarv said...

Hello - I accidently came across your blog, and I love it!
I "stumbled" to your blog because of a comment you left on somebody elses. It was about making blog buttons. You were having a problem with the "alternative sky" and no image showing up instead of the button. Did you ever figure it out? Please help if you can!

I am soooo happy I found your blog - I think I'll become a follower... Thanks again!


vivi said...

SO smart you are! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

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