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Monday, October 26, 2009

The iPod girl

I spotted her Saturday night
and now
I must blog her.
I wish I knew her name to give credit where credit is due
because her costume is just
too clever!
I guess we will just call her the ( iPod girl).
You Go (iPod Girl)!


Jeni Hendricks said...

Hey Mrs. Buffy! That's my neighbor Gal Leesea! Her, her Mommy and her Daddy made that and we all agree that it was wonderfully creative and adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the mom of "iPOD Girl." Thanks for the wonderful comment. Jeni called me and told me you blogged about the costume and I was so happy that you saw "cleverness" in it. We worked hard on it and after awhile I thought "AUGH this is why we go and buy costumes!" I'm glad we stuck it out becuz it turned out great and we got lots of compliments. But we've got nothing on your awesome ideas and crafts. Thanks again. Teresa

B.jane said...

O MY...I never ever thought in a million years we would figure this puzzle out! How cool!

Please keep me posted on next years costume. I would love to be able to blog another great costume by yall.